Benefits of joining ASAA

The first question that a member of any industry asks when they are confronted with the prospect of joining an industry association is, “What will we get out of being a member?” Or in the case of an individual, “What will I get out of membership?”

ASAA is a bona fide ‘not for profit’ industry association, not a privately run company. It has a Constitution that is accessible to everyone and a set of very simple but vitally important objectives that are designed to “promote the use of Australian stone, both within Australia and overseas.” The Constitution also calls for the facilitation of “greater cooperation between various sectors and competing entities within the Australian Stone Industry for the overall benefit of the industry.”

ASAA proposed objectives and activities are detailed in our constitution.

A number of other stone associations have been formed and for one reason or another have failed. ASAA cannot succeed overnight and the directors and members of the association have to remain committed to the tasks at hand.

How then can ASAA succeed where others have failed?

Firstly, as a bona fide association ASAA can make representations to government, on behalf of the industry. We have already achieved several successes in this vital area.

Since ASAA’s inception the association has successfully handed numerous requests for general information and advice which frequently result in the caller contacting an ASAA member for further assistance.

We regularly assist callers by supplying, where necessary, a dispute resolution service which involves visiting site, preparing written reports and wherever necessary representing clients interest in any further legal investigations.

The creation of the Australian Stone Architectural Awards which are adjudicated by the Australian Institute of Architects has resulted in prolonged promotion of projects which feature locally quarried stone. A third set of awards will be judged in June, 2011.

In September 2011 two new categories will be added for best use of imported stone in commercial and residential environments.

The recent development of the ASAA Natural Stone Design Manual, the planned videos of member’s products and our online training course for sales staff are the kind of activities which will enhance the broad reputation of industry. With your support we can raise the profile of stone and benefit everyone involved.

To achieve our goals we need your support. If we can raise the profile of the Australian Natural Stone Industry at home and abroad, develop standards and industry training and provide members with links to government, consumers and specifiers, then we can create a stronger, more vibrant industry.

That’s what ASAA can do for you and your business. However may I remind you again, that it will take time. You can begin the process by filling in the pdf “Membership form” (email back) or calling 0431 388 127.

If government policy, State or Federal, ever posed a threat to industry, a ‘not for profit’ legally formed industry association is one of the most effective means of stating industry’s case. In 1995 when the Keating Government proposed a sales tax on virtually every item that a builder uses to build a dwelling, the only bodies that government met with were legally formed, representative associations.

Concerted efforts by a number of associations, supported by legal presentation won the day. ASAA can represent your company and your interests in numerous ways.