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Sandstone detail and petrographic sheets

Sandstone in our built environment

Sandstone GosfordIn the last edition of Discovering Stone, Jim Mann mentioned in ‘Sandstone Back to Basics’ the significant changes which have taken place in relation to use of sandstone, as large format cladding and thin tiles, versus its early use as large hewn blocks. We take a look at some recent projects, prime suppliers and their products. A small but growing number of sandstone producers export product. Read more…

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries

capricorn_buffCapricorn Sandstone Quarries produces a variety of products which include Brown Banded, Heritage Rose, Q8, Q8 Light, and the featured Capricorn Buff. These hardwearing materials have multiple uses in our built environment including paving, walling, garden furniture, sculpture and facade cladding. Capricorn Sandstone regularly exports raw blocks to a variety of destinations. The Buff and Heritage Rose products are ideal for restoration projects. View additional images of Buff Sandstone in Capricorn’s entry in the ASAA Architectural Awards.

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries
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