Veronafiere provide a special opportunity for 4 potential local buyers to attend Marmo+mac


Marmo+mac is justifiably regarded by many as the prime event on the international calendar of stone industry exhibitions. As per usual the event will be staged in Verona, Italy – 26-29 September, 2018.

The Verona exhibition authority has extended an invitation to four Australian buyers of stone products, machinery, tools and related technologies to participate in a program of activities organized by the International Business Upgrade (IBU), Veronafiere.

The sponsored program provides participants with:

  • 4 nights accommodation for one company representative, including breakfast 25-29, September.
  • Free access to exclusive B2B workshops and meetings tailored to visitor requirements, with assistance from Veronafiere and IBU prior to and during the event.
  • Lunch vouchers for Verona exhibition centers located throughout the the exhibition.
  • Transfer to & from the hotel to the event during Marmo+macc.
  • Evening transfers to Verona city centre and hotel return.
  • Free entry to Marmomacc and copy of exhibitor catalogue.

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a program of of initiatives organized by Veronafiere, including B2B workshops which address Stone & Design,Tools & Technology. Buyers can  visit exhibitors of their choice via prior arrangement with IBU, who will provide assistance prior to and during the event. The various activities will only occupy approximately 1.5 days of the 4 day event, leaving attendees with time to pursue other avenues.

Previous participants in similar programs are invited to re-apply. All applicants, including tose who are unsuccessful will be granted free access to the event during its duration.

ASAA members are urged to contact Alessandra Orsini, Director IBU on 0406 494727 or via email