Reseller of Stone

Nathan Blackwell
Nick Crivelli
Stephen Ketzer
Louise Annetts
Sunil Bhavnani
Lou De Fazio
Geoff Iles
Peter Halliday
Paula Cowell-Yench
Brendon Lazaroo
Reseller of stone
Wade Ward
Mr Phillip Teuma
Michael Nachabe
Supply and install various types of stone for commercial projects
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Frank Pasqualini
Peter Robertson
Emina Micevski
SAI Sandstone
Bob Xiao
SAI Sandstone are developing a reputation as a reliable supplier of popular natural stone products. To date they are primarily active in Victoria, but they are gradually expanding their horizons. The company markets imported bluestone, granite, travertine and sandstone to more than 50 retailers of natural stone products located in Victoria. The company also supplies stone to Melbourne City Council and their products have been specified in a number of civic and commercial projects, including those illustrated. Their goal is to provide a complete service which includes a positive approach to meeting client demands, backed by hassle – free solutions to any problems which arise. Special shapes and designs can be produced, backed by fast, accurate processing which is carried out locally
Duncan Blyth
Laurence Scodellaro
Tim Wong
Lia Tatasciore
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