Full Frontal Tile and Stone Expo (FFTSE) – Benefits The Australian Stone Advisory Association (ASAA)

Following the announcement of the release of an additional 1,200 square metres of floor space, ASAA is delighted to announce that it has reached a fruitful agreement with the FFTSE.


  1. The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the responsible development of the Australian stone industry, principally through the conduct of Full Frontal Tile & Stone Expositions.
  2. Full Frontal Tile & Stone Expo Pty Ltd ( FFTSE) will pay an annual sponsorship of $3,000 to the Australian Stone Advisory Association (ASAA) starting in March 2007. This will be payable in March each year, conditional on ASAA fulfilling its undertakings to FFTSE.
  3. Full Frontal Tile & Stone Expo Pty Ltd will be able to use the ASAA logo as ASAA endorsement for all promotional activities associated with the Full Frontal Tile & Stone Exposition, ” the show”.
  4. ASAA will acknowledge the FFTSE sponsorship:
    • on its National website;
    • specifically in association with appropriate educational initiatives, which are funded from the FFTSE sponsorship, wherever such initiatives are publicised.
  5. The ASAA, through promotion on its website and all other possible means, will encourage its members to
    • exhibit at the Full Frontal Tile & Stone Exposition;
    • participate in the FFTSE seminar programmes and training activities.
  6.  Financial members of the ASAA will receive a 6% discount on the advertised rates for FFTSE floor space, at the time of final invoicing.
  7. The ASAA will receive a complimentary 6 x 3 m stand for approved promotional purposes, where the stand will include the complimentary shell scheme, lights, tables, chairs and signage.
  8. The ASAA will receive a free full page colour advertisement in the FFTSE show catalogue each year.
  9. After the conclusion of the show, the ASAA will receive the following discount-adjusted rebates, subject to the sales of exhibition space to ASAA members exceeding 500 m2, where the ASAA receives 50% of the space credit for exhibitors who are members of both the ASAA and the Australian Tile Council (ATC):
    • 3% rebate for members exhibiting at 2008 FFTSE who are financial in 2006, 2007 and 2008;
    • 2% rebate for members exhibiting at 2008 FFTSE who are financial from 30 June 2007 and throughout 2008;
    • 1% rebate for members exhibiting at 2008 FFTSE who are financial from 1 July 2007 to 15 February 2008;
    • 3% rebate for members exhibiting at 2009 FFTSE who are financial in 2007, 2008 and 2009, except that ASAA will receive a 2% rebate where the member is also a member of ATC;
    • 2% rebate for members exhibiting at 2009 FFTSE who are financial from 31 January 2008 and throughout 2009;
    • 1% rebate for members exhibiting at 2009 FFTSE who are financial from 1 July 2008 to 15 February 2009.
  10. ASAA will provide FFTSE with a complete list of currently financial members as of 31 December 2006, 30 June 2007, 31 December 2007, 15 February 2008, 31 December 2008, and 15 February 2009.
  11.  FFTSE and the ASAA acknowledge and accept that their representatives may not:
    • make statements on behalf of or indicate that they represent the other organisation;
    • represent that their views or opinions are those of the other organisation;
    • do any act, matter or thing which criticises or may be interpreted as critical of the other organisation, or which may adversely impact the reputation or good standing of the other organisation.
  12. The term of this agreement shall extend until the conclusion of FFTSE 2009, whereupon both parties shall use their best endeavours to secure a subsequent agreement that will facilitate the ongoing responsible development of the stone industry.



The ASAA AGM will be held at Designbuild in Sydney at Darling Harbour on Sunday, 3 June 2007. Financial members will receive ballot forms in due course and more information about the precise location and timing.


ASAA will be participating in the Designbuild seminars that will feature a variety of stone and tile related topics


ASAA is providing assistance to a financial member that is submitting a product for eco labelling. This process will evaluate and determine the quality of the stone in relation to the stress that its production places on the environment. ASAA will actively support this socially responsible endeavour.


Finally we are pleased to report that visitors to Google.com.au who search the web for Australian stone will discover that ASAA is the first link they find. In April we will upgrade the site which attracted 15,000 hits in February. Approximately 40% of this traffic emanates from overseas.