Darkening of granite

We just had Serizzo granite installed for our floors (white ground with black) and its almost a dark charcoal grey now-after reading online I see that moisture is absorbed but will it go back to its original color after drying? How long will this take? We are in a tizzy here! Anonymous

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    I assume that you are saying that the white portion of the stone has now gone charcoual grey. This sound as though the installer has used a a bedding mortar or adhesive that has a high portland cement content; if this the case it is likely the water soluble and fine cementitious fraction have been absorbed into micro-fractures of the stone. The combination here is poor practice and it will be very difficult to remove. Some of the darkness will dissipate as the floor dries out but it is likely that the grey residue will dull the white portion of the stone somewhat. You need to have an expert to have a look at your floor you can contact me at jmann@stonemtg.com.au Jim Mann (member)

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    Serrizzo is considered a sponge as far as stone is concerned. If the floor was put in with grey thinset, it may never come back completely. If it was set with white thinest time will tell, really depends how long it takes to wick out the moisture in the setting bed. Jeff Leun (member)

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