ASAA announce testing of Engineered stone

ASAA will conduct a survey of the characteristics of a variety of engineered stone products that are manufactured by a number of companies.

Discovering Stone contributing Technical Editor Richard Bowman said, “There are a number of draft European standards in the pipeline. Engineered stone is currently produced in several countries; research that I have conducted in relation to an article ‘Engineering Engineered Stone Installations To Prevent Failures’ (published in issue #5 of Discovering Stone – page 66) reveals that there is a great deal of variation in the way various engineered stones are manufactured.”

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) have announced that they are initiating a programme to “counter misinformation constantly being disseminated by the producers of engineered stone”.

ASAA and the MIA will exchange information in relation to this issue, in an effort to establish the differences that may exist in various engineered stone products.

The initial objectives of the ASAA study will:

  • Determine how products are tested on an international basis and how those test methods pertain to existing draft standards;
  • ASAA will conduct comparative testing of some engineered stone products that are available locally in an attempt to compare various materials in relation to proposed standards. The wide variance in current test methods employed in different countries currently makes it difficult to accurately compare various materials.

The MIA has commissioned an ‘E Coli Contamination Study’ that compares two American granites, a white marble and an engineered stone product. The results can be viewed in the attached document