Mission Statement

Principal Purposes (Section 3.1 of Constitution)

The principal purposes of ASAA being a not for profit organisation are:

(a)   to promote the use of Australian Stone both within Australia and overseas;

(b)   to facilitate greater co-operation between various sectors of and competing entities within the Australian Stone Industry for the overall benefit of the Stone Industry;

(c)   to develop standards of excellence in performance and product supply so as to differentiate Australian Stone to stone or other products available from other sources;

(d)   to provide apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for the public benefit in the area of the stone industry;

(e)   to provide industry training in the art of design, construction, manufacture and maintenance of stone products for the public benefit and not for particular businesses;

(f)   to provide information about the Stone Industry and related technology for the public benefit and not for particular businesses;

(g)   to make the benefits of scientific research publicly available;

(h)   to provide shows, exhibitions and seminars to the public in Australia and overseas;

(i)   to provide an organisation in Australia for the facilitation of the Principal Purposes;

(j)   to provide a not for profit body to which members of the public can make donations for the furtherance the Principle Purposes;

(k)   to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution services to the public in the specialist area of the stone industry; and

(l)   the collection of membership and other information to provide data for use in the promotion of the Australian natural stone industry.